Canon Advanced Shooter Agenda

©Tony Corbell

©Tony Corbell

The exact agenda will vary from location to location so that we can take advantage of the locale and the weather but we cover a wide variety of topics to help you master the Canon camera system.

Topics covered include...

  • Using digital flash - on camera
  • Using digital flash - off camera
  • Wireless flash
  • Wireless multiple flash
  • Understanding Autofocus
  • Autofocus and Drive modes - the tradeoffs
  • Digital Lenses & Advanced focus techniques
  • Advanced exposure techniques - complex metering
  • Custom white balance
  • Folders files and file numbering methods
  • Customizing the Camera with Custom Functions & Personal Functions
  • Computer / Camera connections
  • Canon Software Options - How they all fit in your workflow
  • Shooting Tethered
  • Shooting Tethered with Adobe Lightroom
  • Understand PicBridge, Exif Print, Direct Print and more
  • Program Structure 

To make the most of the time we have together we've designed an agenda that is heavy on the "hands-on" and light on fluff.  Bring your camera equipment and be ready to practice what you learn in the classroom.     

Time to Shoot 

Each location holds unique opportunities for photography. Although we do spend much of our time in classroom style learning, we will take advantage of that magical light on Saturday evening for a special photo shoot. The details of each shoot depend upon the location and weather but our intention is to create stunning images with a mixture of light sources.