Controlling Light Outdoors

One of the things that I have learned over the years is the ability to change light quality to my needs and wants. Learning to NOT take things as they are but to bend them to my ways of thinking.  In this weeks issue I have used some examples of controlling the ambient light to best showcase the look and style of my model.  

In this image we backlit the subject and added the backlighting back into the face with a silver reflector.  The secret to doing this successfully is to move the reflector very close to the face in order to increase its size, thereby minimizing any look of a small highly shiny light source.

Here is the first example in which we simply modified the existing direct sun light to make the face come to life.  A subtle use of a simple translucent diffuser on a bight sunny day can be just enough to bring something to a much higher level of quality.  

With the translucent diffuser in position which results in a lower light output, the adjusted exposure results in a more open and light background area behind the subject in an ambient lighting environment.

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