Knowing What or Who Your Subject Is

I've been very fortunate recently to work for a client with very high quality products, well-respected brand, and creative and hard-working staff members. The fashion catalogs we have created are really terrific and their vision and knowing exactly what they want is a big help as we rough-in the details and come together to create the final image.

The most recent assignment included working on location for them for the first time as opposed to always being in the studio. While we worked hard to produce a great blend of showcasing the location, the main subject in this case was the jewelry worn by the models. While I have always worked hard at my lighting for people photography from portraits to glamour, to editorial, this job made me focus on the products first and the models second. 

Below are a couple of examples of what I felt like some of the better "hero" images as they were cropped for publication. I have also included a close up for these that more accurately reveals the quality of the lighting on the product itself, the jewelry. 

In each of these two examples, we lit the shot with Profoto B1's and the key light was a 5' RFi Softbox Octa. This gave us a soft yet striking quality highlight in the most reflective and shiny portions of the jewelry. To aid in the "snap" and contrast in the highlight, we removed the front translucent diffuser from the Octabox.