Wedding of the Century - It's Official!

Yes, it's official. On Saturday, under a warm Oklahoma sky, we celebrated the nuptials for Tony Corbell and his beautiful bride, Mandy. In an intimate ceremony shared with close friends and family, Tony and Mandy exchanged vows with their children at their sides. 

The weather forecast called for a hot day with severe thunderstorms and a chance for "grapefruit" size hail and wind gusts up to 80 mpg. At 6:30pm when the beautiful bride walked out, the clouds parted and the temperature dropped. You could not have asked for better conditions for a wedding ceremony.  Throughout the evening we watched the storms roll all around Tulsa but nothing over our heads.

Congratulations to you both!!

Photo: ©Leslie Hoyte

Photo: ©Leslie Hoyte

We don't know why, but this wedding has been a bit of a distraction. But now, life is settling back down and we can once again focus on our workshops and classes. Stay tunded, we've got some great programs coming up and 2018 will be a fabulous year. 

Photos: ©Mike Strickland