Canon Advanced Shooter


Hosts: Tony Corbell
Rob Hull

2 Day Workshop


Today's complex camera systems provide so much benefit for the experienced photographer helping bring extremely challenging images to life. But these benefits come at a cost, an increase in complexity that can often spell disaster for the unprepared photographer.

In this weekend getaway you can leave all your distractions behind and focus on learning more about your Canon camera system and how to take better photographs using the equipment that is already in your camera bag. 

Join Tony, Rob, and our friends from Canon for some of the most intensive training specifically for Canon shooters.  

You’ll also have a chance to play in the Canon sandbox - we’ll have a lot of equipment for you to get your hands on. Including the new Canon EOS R mirrorless system. Yes, we are also going to be explaining about all the excitement around mirrorless cameras.

Topics covered include...

Learn to control your camera from your smartphone.

Learn to control your camera from your smartphone.

  • GPS Settings

  • Wi-Fi communications

  • Live View

  • Using digital flash - on camera

  • Using digital flash - off camera

  • Wireless flash

  • Wireless multiple flash

  • Understanding Autofocus

  • Autofocus and Drive modes - the tradeoffs

  • Digital Lenses & Advanced focus techniques

  • Advanced exposure techniques - complex metering

  • Matching the image on the back of your camera with the Lightroom Preview

  • Custom white balance

  • Folders files and file numbering methods

  • Customizing the Camera with Custom Functions & Personal Functions

  • Computer / Camera connections

  • Canon Software Options - How they all fit in your workflow

  • Processing RAW - tradeoffs when using Canon DPP, Lightroom, and others.

  • Shooting Tethered

  • Shooting Tethered with Adobe Lightroom

  • Understand PicBridge, Exif Print, Direct Print and more

  • Program Structure

To make the most of the time we have together we've designed an agenda that is heavy on the "hands-on" and light on fluff.  Bring your camera equipment and be ready to practice what you learn in the classroom.     


Oh, and did I mention the sandbox. Bob brings with him a veritable truckload of equipment that you can try on for size.

Upcoming Canon Advanced Shooter Workshops

This year’s Canon Advanced Shooter (2019) class is held in the Dallas area - Specifically Farmers Branch - at the DoubleTree Hotel on Luna Road near I-635.