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CPP Lighthouse is a program for those wanting to pursue recognition as a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)*. The CPP requirements can often seem confusing and daunting. But don't worry, we'll help guide you through on your journey to certification with our CPP Lighthouse Program.  

CPP Lighthouse is more than a class. We're committed to guiding you on this journey and that includes providing study material, classroom sessions, private Facebook group to discuss the issues and 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, all designed to ensure earn your certification.

Our classroom sessions are webinar based classes - yes, you can attend in your pajamas. It's all designed to help you pass the written CPP Exam AND help you put together a strong portfolio for the Image Submission requirements.


Instructor: Tony Corbell

10 Sessions / 20 Hours
8 Sessions - Exam Portion
2 Sessions - Print Prep

Tuition: $595
(Includes Study Guide)

Upcoming Sessions:

CPP Lighthouse program includes the in-depth CPP Lighthouse Companion Study Guide. The only guide you'll need to pass your CPP Exam. 

CPP Lighthouse program includes the in-depth CPP Lighthouse Companion Study Guide. The only guide you'll need to pass your CPP Exam. 

Passing the Exam

During the class, we target the six sections that make up the CPP Exam. We drill down into each of the sections to ensure that you truly understand the topic area - not just help you pass an exam.

CPP Lighthouse Manual

We have written a companion manual that covers all of these topic areas, including extensive illustrations and explanations that you can study between sessions. We'd venture to say that someone could use this book along with what we cover in the class to pass the exam.

Portfolio Review

This is the Image Submission portion of the CPP requirements and we help you there too. There are webinar based sessions that help you understand the technical requirements. We have a private Facebook where the class can gather and share images, questions, encouragment and more.    

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Exam Portion

The CPP Exam is a multiple choice exam that covers six topic areas. These are;

  • Camera, Lenses & Attachments
  • Exposure and Meters
  • Lighting
  • Composition and Design
  • Digital Post Production
  • Image Capture and Output

These topic areas are covered in depth in our CPP Lighthouse Study Guide and our classroom sessions will answer any questions you may have - you'll walk into the exam with confidence. 

Portfolio Review

The Image Submission portion of the CPP requirements is divided into two main sections. They are;

  • Compulsory Images (6 images)
  • Elective Images (9 Images)

Don't worry, we'll help guide you through this too. Classroom sessions will help you understand the requirements for this section and our private Facebook group is a perfect environment to critique possible images. Plus, you'll get 1-on-1 time to go over your portfolio in detail to ensure it's polished to CPP standards. 


The webinar classes meet for two hours each session for 8 weeks to prepare for the written exam. Two additional webinar classes are scheduled to address the requirements of the Image Submission requirements.  

The cost of the CPP Lighthouse program is $595. This includes the webinar-based class sessions, private Facebook group, CPP Lighthouse Study Guide (a $100 value) and 1-on-1 mentor session. This does NOT include the cost of declaring your candidacy with PPA.


There really is no formal prerequisite to take the CPP Lighthouse class. Just know that it is not taught at a beginner level. After all, you want to be certified as a "professional".  To earn your certification, you must be a member of PPA and fulfill their requirements which include declaring your candidacy and, of course, a payment of their candidate application fee (currently $200). 

For the CPP Lighthouse program, we only want photographers that are committed to earning their certification. You should plan on spending several hours each week studying the material and preparing for our sessions. Passing the exam and image submissions is not easy. There are many seasoned professionals that have underestimated what is necessary and have left the exam room frustrated. With our guidance, I'm confident that any professional level photographer can be successful. It's a great feeling when you earn those three letters - CPP.

Upcoming CPP Lighthouse Offerings

CPP or Certified Professional Photographer, is a designation offered by the Professional Photographers of America. Although Rob and Tony are both long standing PPA members, this is not an affiliated offering from PPA. Corbell Photographic Workshops is solely responsible for the content and delivery of this class. We can not guarantee that you will be able to pass the certification exam or portfolio review requirements. 

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