Create Drama With Color Gels

Working with bright, vibrant colors can add a sense of drama, excitement, and design with many different types of photography. However, there is more to it than just taping a colored gel over a light.

This webinar features the artistic use of color while introducing a world of precise control that can be obtained if you understand a few techniques. You need to understand how to control the hue and tone when you use a gel.

Light metering techniques offer predictable results and can be fun and profitable.


Instructor: Tony Corbell

1 Session / 2 Hours

Tuition: $29.95

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Color Correction & Creativity

Color gels come in two basic flavors. There are Color Correction (CC) gels - these are intended to correct white balance, and creative color gels. We'll explore the difference and you'll understand why we put all of them into our creative toolkit. 

Upcoming Sessions