Light & Shadow

A Detailed Agenda


Here we set the stage for the greatest 2-day learning experience in your life.

The Quality of Light

This is a discussion of the three elements of light and how, together, they define the quality of any light source. Introduction to methods and tools to control each of these elements. 

Light Sources

From sunlight to a candle, we discuss light sources used by the photographer - including studio lights and speedlites. We discuss the features of these devices and help you understand which to choose for your camera bag. 

Light Modifiers

Any light source can be modified. In this segment you'll learn how to recognize when a modifier is necessary and how to choose the right modifier for the job. 

The Studio Shoot

With our new-found knowledge of light, light sources and light modifiers, we'll get to work setting up a small studio and photographing our model. We'll start with one light and build up from there. 

The Headshot

The headshot is one of the most basic products offered by working photographers. You'll learn how to set up your equipment to produce dynamic headshots. And, everyone in the workshop will have a headshot created by Tony.

The Workflow

Workflow is a critical element for any photographer. We'll discuss how to set up your workflow for speed and efficiency - all with the highest quality images as our final goal. 

Preparing For an On-Location Shoot

A discussion on the tools necessary for a successful location shooting session. We can't assume you'll have any assistants so how can you take just what you need for a location shoot. 

Heading Out On-Location

In this segment we head out on-location with our model to find the light. We work with a blending of ambient light and on/off camera flash. You'll learn techniques and tools that will make you a master of location lighting.