Light & Shadow Details

What To Bring:

Bring your camera and most widely used 2-4 lenses, batteries and chargers. Also, bring along a CF card reader and laptop if you wish to edit your work during the workshop.  We will be giving not only photographic tips and techniques but also Lightroom and Photoshop editing help as well.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is ideally suited for those that consider themselves advanced hobbyists, working photographic professionals, and aspiring professional as well as those who are interested in honing their skills in portrait photographic lighting and all of its many controls.

Workshop Fee:

$755 includes extensive hand out materials, and a contemporary new headshot for each attendee, a certificate of completion, and press release suitable for your local newspapers, magazines, websites.

Accommodations & Meals

For each workshop location, you'll find a host hotel listed. Unless otherwise noted, this is the hotel in which the workshop will take place. Contact information is included so you can make a reservation should you need a room. Our workshops are small so you'll seldom find any special event rates. 

All meals are on your own although most of the host hotels provide breakfast each morning. 

Locations and Dates

We are planning an 11 city tour in 2017 - keep your eye out - and sign up for our blog. Cities and dates will be posted soon.