Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my spouse?

Yes. This is a program that would be appealing to both photographers and non-photographers alike. It's definitely an experience to be shared.

What is the price of this event?

Each of the Ireland workshops is priced at approximately $2,585. This is per person and based on double occupancy in the hotel rooms. 

Can an individual sign up?

Yes, we'd love to have you join us. The pricing is based on double occupancy so our land operator will assign a room mate for you. If you'd prefer a guaranteed room by yourself, you can pay a single supplement of approximately $400. You'll handle all this with the land operator sometime around January of 2017.

Why are prices "approximate"?

To organize and manage the tour, we've hired a land operator in Ireland. Except for the initial deposit, you'll be paying the land operator. They are an Irish company based in Dublin and all transactions are handled in Euros (€). Because the value of the Euro and US Dollar exchange rate fluctuates I've decided quote the fees in approximate values. 

What about travel insurance?

We really do recommend that you do purchase trip insurance. There is just so much uncertainty and a good trip insurance package can cover medical expense, trip cancellation/interruption due to work reasons and involuntary job loss, and much more! I've even had a trip canceled due to a military coup. You just never know. 

Can I sign up for both workshops?

Certainly. If there is space available in both workshops, you can sign up for both at a discounted price. Each workshop is individually priced at $2,585. You'll save $250 on the second workshop.

Are the itineraries on the workshops the same?

No. Both workshops begin in Dublin and the first day for each is a welcome dinner. But the next morning we head off in different directions. See detailed itineraries on the Ireland Details pages.

What about the weather?

In July, the average high temperature is about 68° F, with an average low of 53° F. Ireland gets about 30 inches of rain each year and it's pretty much spread out evenly throughout the year with a monthly average of a little less than 2 1/2 inches. There's a 50/50 change that any one day we'll have rain so do plan on packing a raincoat.

When traveling internationally, a common questions is what are the bedroom accommodations. Thats difficult to answer because there is really no standard. 

On our Ireland tour, the two room options are Twin and Double. But, that does not mean a Twin Bed or a Double Bed. I've tried to simplify this a bit by using the term "one bed" or "two beds".  The point here is whether two people will be sharing a bed or there will be one person in each bed.  

Bed sizes in Europe are not the same as those in the United States.  A Double Bed in Ireland is larger than an double bed in the US. But, it's a bit smaller than a Queen size bed. Most Double Beds in Europe are 140 cm x 200 cm.  (A US Queen size bed is about 150 cm x 200 cm) 

If you get a "Double" room, there should be at least one bed that will accommodate two people. But don't expect a spacious King sized bed. Generally you will not find King sized beds in most European hotels. In many hotels the Double room will have a larger two-person bed and a smaller twin size bed. 

What about the bed sizes? Double & Twin?