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Today's complex camera systems provide so much benefit for the experienced photographer helping bring extremely challenging images to life. But these benefits come at a cost, an increase in complexity that can often spell disaster for the unprepared photographer.

In this weekend getaway, you can leave all your distractions behind and focus on learning more about your Canon camera system and how to take better photographs using the equipment that is already in your camera bag.

This workshop is for users of Canon digital cameras and is designed for those photographers who want to develop a high level of proficiency with their digital SLR equipment.  
This is NOT a beginner class on using your camera gear. Instead, it's assumed that you're already are familiar with photography and have used the camera for a while.

The techniques presented in the workshop are intended for the working professional or the more advanced photo enthusiast.  The topics covered are designed to help you master the control systems of your digital camera and help you design a digital workflow that will allow you to work quickly and effectively.   


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Book: How To Take Great Photographs

Book Title:  How To Take Great Photographs

Author: Rob Hull

This book is for the beginning and aspiring photographer who wants to unlock the secrets of outstanding lighting, composition and camera control. Every topic is clearly laid out in distinctly understandable language with stunning illustrations. 

Take a peek inside the pages. You’ll see just how clearly this complex topic is addressed. Learn first about light - the most fundamental building block of a great photographic image.  Then learn the camera controls - how they work and how they effect the look of your images. You’ll understand how these controls can be used creatively too. 

The book is divided into 7 sections addressing the most important elements in photography.

  • Light
  • Controls
  • Exposure
  • Flash
  • Focus
  • Composition
  • Storytelling

Here's a sneak peek into the pages of How To Take Great Photographs. Be sure to follow the link to to order your copy today.

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