Call of the Wild

Audience: Beginner & Intermediate 

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Do you want that African photo safari experience but just can’t make it happen. Heed that call of the wild at a special photography workshop in Glen Rose, Texas. Join Corbell Photography Workshops as we explore the wilds of Fossil Rim Wildlife Refuge beginning Tuesday, October 24, 2017.

This world-renowned sanctuary is home to a great variety of free roaming animals, including several endangered species, We’ve made special arrangements to include two unique and private guided tours of the facility - one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. The specially trained guides will get you near the animals so you have the best angle and light with which to photograph.

When not touring the park, we’ll be at the Inn on the River learning how to plan for and process this type of shoot. It’s an idyllic location for a workshop. Wine and cheese on the back porch - rocking chairs overlooking the Paluxy River. At night, we’ll throw a log on the fire and cook up some S’mores.

In the end, you’ll have some awesome wildlife images. And, to top it all off, we’ll show you how to create a stunning slide show to show off your work. You’ll also get a free download of music for your show from our education partner, Triple Scoop Music.

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Tuition: Unless otherwise stated, the tuition for this class is $795


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