Adding Metadata in Lightroom

There are many places that you may want to display your work that can take advantage of metadata in the image file. For example, if you are preparing images to send to us for use on the Corbell Photographic Workshops website, you'll want to ensure that the image Title and Caption are included in the file.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to display the copyright information that's in the image file. That doesn't mean it should not be included. On the contrary, it should be included in the metadata. We also recommend that the copyright information is included as a watermark on your image. 

Adding Title and Caption

In the Lightroom Library module, you'll see a tab on the right that's labeled Metadata. Open this tab and set the view to 'Default'. The Default view hides a lot of the unnecessary metadata fields and shows you both the Title and Caption. Fill in an appropriate Title and Caption for your image.

Note: This only adds the metadata to the Lightroom catalog. To use it in any other application you must save the metadata to the original file. 

Save Metadata to the Original File

In the Library module, be sure the image file you are working with is selected. Then go to the Lightroom menu and select Metadata > Save Metadata to File. This synchronizes the metadata in the original file with that in the Lightroom Catalog. 

You can do this for any file type but if you're going to use the image on social media or on a website, you'll want to be sure it's in a compatible format like .JPG.

Save File as JPG

If you've added the metadata to a RAW file, you'll need to export it as a JPG first.