High Octane Digital Workflow

Your photography is a revenue source. Digital editing is an expense. The more time you spend behind the computer, the less money goes into your wallet. So let's fatten your wallet with a High-Octane Digital Workflow that will get your work done quickly and provide you with awesome image quality.

A high-octane digital workflow is tailored to you AND your specific equipment. We use Adobe Lightroom as the foundation of our workflow but we dig deep to get the most out of this fabulous product.

Even seasoned Lightroom users often seem frustrated by the workflow. Many spend a lot of time just trying to get the images that they just imported to match what they saw on the back of their camera. If they don’t match, you’re doing it wrong.

In the High-Octane Digital Workflow series of webinars we’ll explore the tools that rev-up your workflow. Discover the hidden Lightroom settings that MUST be set correctly to match your camera.

For those serious about image quality, we’ll discover how to color calibrate our workflow using the Passport Color Checker. Explore tools that help you pinpoint your edits to a specific area or even a specific channel. And we’ll look at when to use plug-ins and other editors to expand our editing portfolio.

Go beyond simple organization by using powerful tools buried deep in Lightroom to get control of your ever expanding photo library. Lightroom will do so much more than you might think. Use the power of Lightroom to maintain the high quality of your images and save you a lot of time. Prepare yourself for a real Lightroom epiphany.

Turbo Workflow Series of Webinars