Illuminati Meter

I love supporting clever, new products. Whenever I work on set for any type of shoot, I need a light and color meter that can make my time more productive so I can concentrate on getting the most out of my subject. I simply do not have the time for “fixing” everything in post-production. I get that help from the Illuminati meter – a truly breakthrough meter unlike any you’ve seen before. It connects wirelessly to my phone via the Illuminati app, even displays exposure and color information on my smartwatch so I don’t have to carry the phone. It helps me solve these problems and more:

Determines Correct Exposure

The Illuminati meter measures incident light – the light falling on your scene – to get the most accurate results and keep your highlights from clipping and your shadows from blocking up. It reads out in numerous modes, shutter, aperture, ISO, etc.

Adapts to Changing Lighting Conditions

When you’re outdoors, lighting control can be out of your hands. Whether you are shooting with unpredictable cloud cover or during the Golden Hour, the Illuminati meter can follow the light for you, continuously updating your phone and watch – and even send an alarm when the light changes by more than your preset threshold.

Sets Lighting Ratios

Use two or more Illuminati meters to achieve the lighting ratios you want among two or more lights.

Helps Gel my Lights

When you need to get an LED light to match ambient, when you’re using rented lights – and sometimes even your own – getting the color of all your lights to match can be a chore. The Illuminati meter can tell you the color temperature and green-magenta shift of your lights so you can select your gel. Or, let the app’s built-in filter library suggest the right filter(s) to make your lights match.  

Helps Set up a Green Screen Quickly

Use multiple Illuminati meters mounted in front of or on your green screen to help you set the even illumination you need for best results.