Tune in to some interviews with Tony and Rob. Get to know us a little bit more.

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Rob Hull on The PhotoTellers

If you or someone you love is new to Photography, and wants to take great photographs, this conversation on The PhotoTellers is for you! Photographer and Author Rob Hull has written the book on the subject. Rob joins the show to talk about his own history in Photography–from his first experience in the 8th grade, to a career at IBM & publishing, then to teaching Photography at a local college. How did all of those elements combine to create this book? That’s what you’ll learn.

You’ll also hear about his relationship with the illustrious Tony Corbell. They’re doing some pretty exciting work together, traveling the world to train Photographers in all skills of the craft. 

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Tony Corbell on The PhotoTellers

Do you remember, Photographer, that time you got that call from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History: “We’ve got a problem. Can you help?” Me neither. But Tony Corbell does. Take 10 minutes today to hear the story of Tony’s adventure photographing THE original American Flag!

A few teasers from the conversation:

  • 40 hours to create the first exposure.
  • The extensive “you can’t do this!” list.
  • Thankfully, the flag is wool, not synthetic! Why does it matter?
  • Evidence of the actual “rockets red glare/bombs bursting in air.”
  • How it changed Tony’s perspective at football & baseball games.
  • Did you know that the flag is missingone of the stars? Why was it cut off?
  • The surprise hidden within the flag that Tony’s negative discovered.
  • The Special Ops commander that watched Tony through his sniper’s scope, their meeting years later.


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