Introduction to Using Flash Outdoors

Step outside and you may be faced with harsh sunlight. Many photographers give up and avoid the great outdoors. But adding a flash to supplement the ambient light can save the day and help you produce stunning images. 

In this webinar Tony will introduce you to working outdoors with Off-Camera Flash and the great benefits of this type of photography. A few quick tips will have you up and going in no time with a full understanding of the controls over subject and background separately. Great techniques that cross over into all sorts of location photography. 


Instructor: Tony Corbell

1 Session / 2 Hours

Tuition: $29.95

Upcoming Sessions:

Stop fighting your flash. Learn how to make the flash work for you instead of turning your subjects into cutouts on a black background. You'll understand the confusing world of sync. Rear sync, 2nd sync, high speed sync, and N'sync!

Mixed Lighting

Outdoors you're working with mixed light which can be quite confusing. In this webinar you'll learn how to control the ambient light and the flash independently - giving you total control. 

Camera Brand

Our discussion is independent of any camera brand. It doesn't matter if you shoot Nikon or Canon. The flash can be of any brand too. You just need to understand the fundamentals. 

Take your location photography up a notch with our Introduction to Using Flash Outdoors. 

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