Lightroom Learning Lab

Lightroom is great - when you understand it's hidden secrets. 

  • Do your RAW files look flat and lifeless when you import them into Lightroom?
  • Does your newly imported image file match what you saw on the back of the camera?
  • Do your Lightroom edits give you the best possible image?

You shouldn't have to do ANYTHING with your image in Lightroom to get it to match the preview on your camera. BUT, you have to have Lightroom set up correctly first.

Join Corbell Workshops as workflow specialist Rob Hull leads two information-packed days of Lightroom training. 

Are you ready to do more? Lightroom Guru Rob takes you on a deep dive into everything this software can do for you and your business.

Solid Foundation

Our first order of business is to make sure you've got Lightroom installed and configured properly. This means ensuring your original images and secure and protected. And, that what you see in Lightroom when you import your images MATCHES what you saw on your camera. 

Learn how Lightroom can help you streamline your workflow for easier, fast and better results. From capture to archive, processing, and polishing the finished product, you'll discover how to do it all!

Did you know that Lightroom doesn't import your images? Sure, it says it does but that just isn't true. So, what does this mean for your workflow?

Begin with an understanding of settings and preferences to keep your images secure and properly organized. Delve into importing and managing your Image Library for easier, more efficient post-processing. Explore the Develop Module as Instructor Rob Hull shows you how to turn your images into client-ready masterpieces, ready to share via Lightroom's output modules.  

Make Lightroom your BFF! This course can help you do it!

Power User

Go beyond the basics of Lightroom's 7 modules - discover hidden tools to polish your images and manage Power Presets. Explore plugins and tethered shootings. Learn how to clean up folders and catalogs and find everything you need within your files. This class is an information-packed, high-octane experience that lets you leverage everything Lightroom can be. Don't miss out!

What happened to all those color profiles you had to worry about in Photoshop? How does Lightroom handle color? Very well, in fact - learn why Lightroom's approach to color is really smart.

What We Cover

  • Understand where Lightroom fits in your workflow and the Adobe product line
  • Learn why Lightroom never "imports" your files, even though it says it does
  • Build catalogs that fit how you work
  • Organizing your workflow
  • Understand metadata
  • Taking advantage of Keywords
  • Rating and Flagging images - which system is best
  • Develop a logical flow in the Develop module
  • White balance
  • Advanced tone curve adjustments
  • Split Toning
  • Sharpening & Noise Reduction
  • Create a custom-made slideshow
  • Printing in Lightroom
  • Creating web galleries - and why you may not want to do that
  • Shooting tethered directly into Lightroom
  • Working seamlessly with photo editors and plug-ins
  • and much, much more...

What to Bring

Students should bring a laptop with Lightroom already loaded. The most recent version is preferable. 

Free Extras

Each student will receive a free thumb drive, courtesy of our fantastic education partner, On the flash drive, you will find all the class files along with folders packed with other valuable information. The flash drive is yours to keep. 

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