Tony and Rob both love their Macphun apps. 

Macphun takes the complexity out of photo editing and makes it simple and fast for anyone on a Mac. Millions of photographers of all skill levels use Luminar, Creative Kit and Aurora HDR to effortlessly make beautiful images, and so can you. Join the fun of making your images awesome.

Students at all the Corbell Photographic workshops are eligible for a 10% discount on Macphun products. Now we're extending that offer to all our friends.  Just click on the Macphun logo above to go to their website for more information and to order their great products. 


Luminar is macphun's flagship product and you can try Luminar for free. Click on the Luminar banner and look for "Download Trial". Like what you see. Use this link to receive a discount on your purchase of Luminar. 

This image was "rescued" buy Luminar. The results are nothing short of amazing. 

Fun with Macphun

Tony and Rob are both big fans of Macphun software. And Macphun software is a big fan of Corbell Photographic Workshops. In 2017, Macphun became an Educational Partner with Corbell Photographic Workshops. 

Most recently we were invited to participate in a special project where industry pros take on a single filter in Macphun Luminar and run it through it's paces. It's a lot of fun focusing your attention on a single filter - you really learn a lot about the product. 

Take a look at the results below. 

Tony Corbell - Luminar Vignette Filter

Rob Hull - Luminar Color Temperature Filter

Rob Hull - Luminar Micro-Structure Filter