Mastering Portrait Lighting with Tony Corbell



Let's set the stage for the greatest 2-day learning experience in your life. You'll be joining internationally acclaimed master of lighting, Tony Corbell, for two packed days of intense study of portrait lighting - in Tony's studio in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Tony is known throughout the world as the go-to guy for photographic lighting. His Creative Live programs have been seen by over 70,000 photographers in over 30 countries. When PPA wanted to offer some training videos for their members, they called Tony. And now you can join Tony in his own studio for an intimate small group session on portrait lighting. 

This Corbell Workshops Retreat packs a tremendous amount of information in just two days. To get you off to a running start, join Tony and Rob the evening before the event for an informal dinner where everyone can get to know each other. 

This is a hands-on workshop so plan on bringing your camera. We will have all the studio lighting gear, backgrounds and some great models to photograph. 

At the end of the workshop you'll walk away with a much better understanding of studio lighting, have some awesome images to add to your portfolio, and have a professional headshot of yourself to help promote your newly insprired business. 


The Quality of Light

This is a discussion of the three elements of light and how, together, they define the quality of any light source. Introduction to methods and tools to control each of these elements. 

Light Sources

Our focus is on studio lighting but we need to understand the various light sources that we can use. From sunlight to a candle, we discuss light sources used by the photographer - including studio lights and speedlites. We discuss the features of these devices and help you understand which to choose for your camera bag. 

Light Modifiers

Any light source can be modified. In this segment you'll learn how to recognize when a modifier is necessary and how to choose the right modifier for the job. 

The Studio Shoot

With our new-found knowledge of light, light sources and light modifiers, we'll get to work setting up our lights and photographing our model. We'll start with one light and build up from there. 

Lighting Patterns

You'll learn about the standard lighting patterns that portrait artists have used for hundreds of years. Patterns such as Rembrandt Lighting, made famous by the 17th century Dutch painter. And Glamour Lighting which was used extensively by George Hurrell, the master of Hollywood glamour photogaphy. 

The Headshot

The headshot is one of the most basic products offered by working photographers. You'll learn how to set up your equipment to produce dynamic headshots. And, everyone in the workshop will have a headshot created by Tony.

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