Studio Lighting Workshop

We're Running Out of Time

This has been an incredible year and we’ve been so busy we forgot to get out and yell from the rooftops about our upcoming workshop on Studio Lighting.  This is going to be a special weekend retreat format at our favorite place, the Inn on The River in Glen Rose, Texas.  



Come join Tony Corbell and Rob Hull for an intense hands-on weekend. You’ll not only learn all about studio lighting but you’ll be shooting to build your own portfolio too.  We are joined by one of our favorite models, the beautiful Kaitlyn.  

During the workshop you’ll have access to multiple studio lighting setups and backdrops.  We will describe and then demonstrate the use of many types of lights and then you too will get hands on to practice what you’ve learned. When we’re done, you’ll know how to master Main and Fill lights, Hair and Accent lights as well as a wide variety of light modifiers.  Become a master of the light meter and finally understand exactly what lighting ratios mean and how to control them. 

There is a lot to learn but the location is just perfect for this event.  At our last workshop at the Inn we spent the evening discussing photography while sipping wine around a fireplace on the back porch overlooking the Paluxy river.  Oh, such hardships…

Don’t be left out. Get online today and register for the Studio Lighting workshop. We will begin at 6:00pm on Friday, December 11 and wrap up about 11:00am on the 13th.  The tuition for the workshop is only $445 and includes time for you to shoot with our model. As an added bonus, we’ll be demonstrating how to light and shoot great corporate or personal head-shots.  So, you’ll not only have your own images in your portfolio, you’ll also have a professionally done headshot of yourself.  

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