Canadian Rockies

Glaciers are constantly on the move, grinding their way down the mountains like a plodding river on a relentless march to the valley below. As they slide along the terrain they grind rocks underneath into a very fine powder called "rock flour". When the glacier melts, the rock flour is suspended in the water, scattering light in such a way to create an incredible milky turquoise color.  

The lake on the right is fed by glacier meltwater while the lake on the left is from rain runoff. 

This is just one of the magnificent features of this UNESCO World Hearitage site - a mandatory entry on any photographer's bucket list. 

The workshop makes the village of Lake Louise our home for this 5-day intensive program. This puts us right in the heart of some of the planets most breathtaking sights including the towering Takakkaw Falls which tumbles almost 1,000 feed off the Daly Glacier into the Yoho valley floor. We'll visit the stunning azure blue Lake Moraine and Peyto Lake and hike along the canyon-hugging suspended walkway into Johnston Canyon. And don't forget you'll enjoy a beautiful sunset at Vermilion Lakes.

There is just so much to experience and photograph - five days just isn't enough. But it's a great start. 

September 18 - 22, 2016 and only $1,200.  This is a small group workshop so please sign up now. The US dollar is very strong so Canadian hotel cost is very reasonable right now. 

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