Corbell Workshops Donates to Assist The Officer

Normally our blog posts cover photographic topics or introduce you to a new class or seminar on our calendar but today I’d like to pause and instead focus for a moment on the horrific event that unfolded in Dallas Thursday evening. 

This isn’t a political rant but one to explain why I’m asking for your support today. We have a vested interest in the Dallas Police Department. Three members of my family have worn the Dallas Police badge. Two brothers who thankfully are now retired from the force and a namesake nephew who works for the department and is assigned to the division that includes downtown Dallas.  

My brother Jeff has been an avid supporter of the Assist the Officer Foundation. ATO was formed in 1999 and has provided assistance to hundreds of officers and their families who have been faced with any number of different life-altering situations.  

Today ATO Foundation is on the front line to help officers whose lives have been shattered by the shootings in Dallas. If you’d like to help these officers and their families I’d encourage you to donate through the Assist the Officer Foundation.  

This morning, Corbell Photographic Workshops donated $1,000 to the cause. We’d encourage you to join us in supporting these officers in any way you can. 

When the shots rang out, the police were running into the fire. My nephew was running toward the shooters with a group of officers. Of the two that were directly in front of him, one is dead the other seriously wounded. This is really too close to home.