Copyright Law Changes

Whether you are a creative professional or just enjoy taking photographs, your work is protected by Copyright laws. Unfortunately, the copyright laws in the United States have not kept up with technology and the U.S. Copyright Office and the laws are in desperate need of modernization.

This is a recognized issue and one that is getting bi-partisan support. Today, there is a bill making its way through the House of Representatives that addresses one aspect of this issue. 

H.R. 1695 allows the position of Register of Copyrights to become a Presidential Appointee, picked from a list of recommendations from the Judiciary. This is positive for all photographers, ensuring that someone with ample knowledge of Intelectual Property and the Copyright world will lead the U.S. Copyright Office in an unbiased manner as it begins to undergo the modernization process.

To help push this bill through we'd appreciate if you would send your representative a letter encouraging their support. You don't need to know their contact information - you don't even need to know who your representative is. And, it takes less than a minute. Click on the link above to send your representative a letter. 

Curious about the bill. Click the link below to track the bill as it makes it way through the process.