Anyone Up For Hawaii?

We are working hard on our calendar for 2018 and 2019 and soon we'll be sharing some exciting programs with you. Programs penciled onto the calendar include trips to Italy, Northern France and even a return trip to Ireland as well as a number of domestic workshops based on photographic and lighting techniques. Perhaps we may throw in a photographic cruise too.

The beach in front of our hotel. 

The beach in front of our hotel. 

However, we need your help now. We are looking at a fantastic workshop opportunity for the Big Island of Hawaii for next spring. We are working with a first class beach front resort on one of the most scenic beaches on the island. The program includes hotel nights, a luau on the beach, models at sunset, some great dinners and much more. This will be done in typical Tony and Rob style - you're going to have a great time - in style.  We're guessing that the price will be close to the mid $3,000s. 

For this type of event, we usually like to plan at least a year in advance but we are looking at the May 23 - 30 time-frame.  That's a pretty short runway. Compound that with financial commitments we have to give the hotel and you can see we want to proceed carefully.

What we would like to ask you is simple.  Does this time of year seem to be good OR would we be better off holding the workshop until the fall of 2018? Of course, the fall rates will be higher
by a significant percentage but it might be an easier time for some people to travel.

Folks, we are not looking for a commitment from you for this workshop and frankly, not everyone wants to even go to Hawaii. But due to the nature of this specific offer, we will be making a significant commitment to the resort very soon and just needed a feel for this time of year.

Let us know if you want to go.

PLEASE respond to this email within the week and let us know if you're interested in attending. We can’t give you final numbers for the cost of the workshop or hotel as yet, but we are always aware of travel costs associated and keep this in mind as we book these events.

Thank you for your help and please let us hear from you soon.

You can reply to this email or use the form below. Just be sure to include your name and just let us know if you're interested.

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Tony Corbell and Rob Hull