Canon Advanced Shooter

Calling all Canon shooters. This is your one and only chance to attend our Canon Advanced Shooter workshop. We do this program only once each year so register today. The workshop is in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Saturday and Sunday, November 10 & 11, 2018.

X-Canon Advanced Shooter-2018-11.jpg

Tony and Rob will be joined by Bob Malish, Canon’s Senior Professional Products Specialist. Bob is a Rock Star in the industry - the breadth and depth of his knowledge of everything Canon is breathtaking. And, it’s all wrapped up in a really nice personable guy.

Be prepared for a intensive class. You’re not going to sit around and learn what a pixel is and then shoot a pretty model for a few hours. You’ll explore your Canon camera system and drill down to learn the fine details of this powerful system.

Did you know you may be able to control your Canon camera from your smartphone?

Learn how the focus system and exposure metering are linked. Learn how each focusing mode works. And, more importantly, learn what subjects are best with each. We’ll dive into flash, including on-camera flash, off-camera flash, multiple flash, even using non-Canon flash systems with your Canon camera. (We know there may not be a Canon logo on everything in your camera bag - but you still need to know how it all works together!)

And did we mention the toys? We’ll have a truckload of gear that you can play with over the weekend. Ever shot with a fisheye lens? How about a tilt/shift? No worries, we’ll talk about how to shoot with one. How about shooting tethered to your computer? Yes, we talk about that too.

Don’t miss out, sign up today. Because of the tremendous support we have for this course, you’ll get two full days of education, three incredible professionals (if I do say so myself), and all the equipment to try out, all for only $375. Not sure - I’ll give you a 100% guarantee. If, after workshop, you don’t feel it was worth it, I’ll refund your tuition 100%. You have nothing to lose.