Final Call for Tuscany

You’ve almost got a year to get ready but only days to decide. We are hosting two workshops in the Italian countryside - exploring Tuscany like only a Corbell workshop can. Our first session sold out in under a week. So, we added a second session beginning October 15, 2019 and ending on the 24th.

That session quickly got booked and so we signed the contracts with our land operator and booked the hotels. It’s a go!


Unfortunately, people in two rooms were not able to commit and had to cancel their reservation. That’s good news for you! We’ve now got two rooms that must be filled. Come join us in Tuscany, but decide quickly. We have to confirm the accommodations with our land operator by November 10! (Oops. We’re past that date but they’re giving us a little extra time.)

Check out our website for more information about the tour. It’s so much more than a workshop. It’s really a vacation/workshop/tour that photographers and non-photographers will love.

Click here to Register for our Tuscany Photo Tour.