Canon Advanced Shooter

If you shoot with a Canon camera, you will want to join us for the Canon Advanced Shooter workshop in Dallas on November 9 & 10.

Intensive Hands-On Workshop

This is an intensive hands-on workshop where you’ll learn more about your camera gear than you ever thought possible. We take each system and drill down exposing tricks and techniques that the most seasoned pros use.

  • Discover the secrets of all those focus settings and…

  • Learn how your flash and focus systems are connected.

  • Find out how to make the image on the back of your camera match the preview you see in Lightroom.

  • Clear up all the confusion with Custom Functions.

  • Customize your camera to better fit your shooting style.

  • Discover the options for shooting tethered to your computer.

  • Compare DSLR & Mirrorless camera systems.

What Our Students Say

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what students have said about the Canon Advanced Shooter workshop.

“What an incredible opportunity to engage with Canon resources for 2 days! I learned how to make my camera work smarter for me. That’s priceless.”

“Bob, Tony, and Rob are wonderful and so willing to share their extensive knowledge.”

“I had so many “Ah-Ha Moments.”

Register Today

Space for this event is limited so be sure to register today.