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St. Ann Confirmation Photos

Before you get to the gallery let me explain how the photos are organized.  

First, with all the Confirmation candidates, you'll find hundreds images in the galleries from which to choose. Where's Waldo??

Keep this in mind when you visit the galleries.

This is an 8x10 composite photo. 

  • All photos are divided up the Mass date and time.
  • Within each Mass, you'll find both Standard images and Composites.  The Composites are 8x10 inch prints that have the prayer that was recited during the Mass.  A Standard image does not include the prayer or date etc.
  • Standard images can be ordered in any size and cropped as you wish.  
  • Composites are 8x10 images only.
  • Composites can NOT be cropped.  If you want the image in the composite cropped I will need to do this BEFORE you order.  Just send me a note that includes the image number and what you want changed and I'll try to accommodate you.
  • For every standard image, you'll find a corresponding composite image.
  • To help you find your image, the galleries are grouped by the row.  To find someone that was in the right row, you'll look in the Right Row gallery.
  • Once you find the image you want, just click on it. It will open up to show you an enlarged view of the image. When you’ve decided that you want to order an image, you’ll find the ordering options to the right of the enlarged image.
  • You may find the ordering process easier on a laptop or desktop computer and not a smartphone.
  • Finally, there is a lot of traffic and activity at the alter and the photographers do their best to capture the best shot possible.  Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.


Rob  Hull