Share Your Images

When you participate in a Corbell Workshops program, we'd love to have you share your images with us - and even with your friends and family. Below are some guidelines that will help us use your images in the most effective way. 

We're looking for your favorite images but we also want a variety of images. Images you submit should include the "big picture" as well as vignettes of the details. This can be macro shots or photos of signs - simply all the details.  

Preparing the Image File to Send to Us

  • Images should be high resolution.
    Don't worry about resizing. Only crop for composition. We don't know exactly where and how it will be used so a high resolution images gives us the most flexibility.
  • The best format would be JPG images.
  • Do NOT to include any watermark.
    We may need to crop the images to fit and we don't want to cut off a watermark. You will be credited for the image in a credit line.
  • It would be best to have your name, copyright, title, caption etc included in the metadata of the image. If this doesn't make sense to you, don't worry. I'll take care of it.

Uploading Your Images

To share your images with us, please upload to our server.  Just click on a link below and follow the on-screen instructions. It's easy to just drag and drop the files. 

Note: If you have any problems uploading your images, you'll find a link at the bottom of the main upload page titled “Other Upload Methods”. 

Share on Social Media

When sending an image to social media, you'll want to use a lower resolution image and, if desired, include a visual watermark on the image. 

Share on Facebook

We’d love to have you share your images on Facebook. If you do, please be sure to tag us so we can spread the word. Tony is on Facebook as TonyDude1 and Rob is RobHullJr. Our business page is CorbellWorkshops but Facebook really restricts business pages.

Share on Instagram

We’re visual people and Instagram is a great place to share photographs. Share your images on Instagram.  You can tag our accounts at @corbellworkshops for the business, @robhull for – you guessed it – Rob, and @tonycorbell, for Tony.

Share on Twitter

If you like to tweet, then tweet to the world about how much you enjoy our workshop. Rob is @RobHullJr and you can find Tony @tonycorbell. Our business twitter account is @CorbellWorkshop.  Like Instagram, it would be helpful if you use some of the hashtags above. 

Use Hashtags

When you post to social media consider using these hashtags.

  • #CorbellWorkshop
  • #TravelingWithCorbell
  • #AnotherAwesomeCorbellWorkshop