Studio Lighting Lodging

Lodging for our Studio Lighting workshop is provided by Broken Bow Cabin Lodging.  They manage luxury log cabins in the Beavers Bend area of Oklahoma.  The host cabin for the event is the Bigfoot Lodge in the Kaniatobe Trails area.  This is a wonderful environment for a fun and relaxing workshop.

This is not a hotel, so you don't just reserve a room at a standard rate.  The cabins are offered on a flat cabin rate so the cost per person really depends upon how many people share a cabin. Here are a few things to consider.

Bigfoot Lodge

Bigfoot Lodge

  • Cabins are available from one to five bedrooms.  The cost per person drops significantly as more people share one larger cabin.  For example, the cost per night for a one-bedroom cabin is $265. For two people sharing a 2-bedroom cabin, the cost per room is only $142 per night. If you have five people sharing a 5-bedroom cabin the cost can drop to only $110 per room.  
  • Considering the savings, it's best if you find friends who would like to share this experience and share a large cabin.


To reserve your cabin, visit the Broken Bow Cabin Lodging website.  

A $50 non-refundable deposit is due when you register.  The balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival.

Which Cabin Should I Reserve?

Find a cabin that you think would fit your needs.  Below is a map of the area with the host cabin marked.  You don't need to be right next door - none of the cabins are that far apart.  


If you have any questions about the workshop or need help determining the best lodging option, contact Rob Hull - See the About Section for Contact Information