Texas School

Our 2019 Texas School class will be a wonderful experience for us all. Plan to meet new people, learn new things, and have a lot of fun.

What To Bring

  • Come with no pre-conceived notion of what you think you will learn this year, rather bring an open mind and be open to thinking differently, trying things you might not think will work, and trying things you might feel beneath your level of expertise. We find that our students who reach back a little have an easier time of reaching forward. And of course we will reach forward.

  • Bring with you three questions you want answered. Write them down if you want or give them to me during introductions. We’ll get them answered.

    Now, what about practical things…

  • Bring your camera(s) of choice and lenses that you most often use.

  • Bring a laptop if you have one and a card reader as you will probably want to move some files around that you shoot that week.

  • Bring a sweater - Our classroom is a portion of a divided ballroom. The thermostat swings between Equatorial Rainforest and Siberian Tundra. It does no good to lament our fate. Instead, adapt and flourish.

What Not To Bring

  • You do not need to bring lighting equipment - we will be using Profoto lights in the room and should be well stocked. But do bring your camera, lenses etc.

  • Coffee Maker or other appliances. The hotel has asked that no coffee makers or other appliances are used in any of the rooms. We do respect their wishes.

Let's Have Fun

The theme of this year’s Texas School is Favorite Movie Star. Plan to let your hair down and get in the spirit. Dress the part for the Tuesday evening party.


Upload Images

We’d like you to upload about 5 images that are representative of the work that you do. We want the good, the bad and the ugly, if you don’t mind.  We don’t want to see only your heroes, as we need to discuss the “dogs” as well.

Also, upload a headshot of yourself.

Due: End of Day, Friday, April 19.  

Consider this a client deadline. Don't wait until the last minute. You may have trouble uploading the files. Your dog could eat your modem. Your karma may not align on the due date. 

Complete Survey

Take a moment to complete this very brief survey.

Name *
In the space below tell us the two main things that you want to get out of the class.
Let us know the brand of camera that you use for your work. This should be the camera you bring to class.
In the space below, share with us the main challenges and roadblocks to your success. What are the things that hold back your photography and/or your business?