1-on-1 With Tony Corbell

Master Lighting Control in Your Own Studio

Learn photographic lighting from the undisputed lighting master, Tony Corbell. You can have Tony come to your studio or join him in his awesome studio space. Spend a day or two with this Tony helping you master dynamic lighting design and control.

There is no better, more effective way to learn about photographic lighting than using your own studio with your own lights. Tony will work side-by-side with you to show you how to set up and control your lighting equipment. 


The agenda is simply an open slate. What's covered during your session is totally tailored to your level and the type of photography that you want to do. As you plan your session with Tony you'll develop a set of goals and you'll work together to achieve them. 

Program Highlights

  • Register for one or two days. 
  • Use your studio and your lighting equipment.
  • Hands on - You'll design dynamic lighting sets and be able to shoot live models to achieve your goals.
  • Meet with Tony via phone before the session - understand what to expect and plan on what you'll need. 
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Here Are Some Details

  • The cost is $1,800 for one day or $2,700 for two days, plus travel & hotel expenses
  • Reserve your spot with 50% non-refundable deposit
  • Balance is due at the conclusion of the session

What You'll Shoot

During your session with Tony, you can certainly plan a shoot with live models. Your subjects, however, should not be paying clients. We firmly believe that practice is done BEFORE your client gets into your studio. During your time with Tony the pace and discussions are much different than on a set with a client.

We encourage you to arrange to have live models on the set so you can practice what is covered. Tony will let you know what time to schedule them, and for how long, in your planning meeting.  

Schedule Your Private 1-on-1 Session

To schedule your session, just click on the link below and let us know a little bit about yourself. Tony will call you to discuss the details and set a schedule for your custom consultation.