Setting Up Lightroom

Setting Up Lightroom is the first in a series of Turbo Workflow webinars designed to ensure that you set up Lightroom and establish your workflow to be efficient, effective and secure. Topic covered include...

  • Setting Up for your computer system
  • Setting up for your camera brand, make & model
  • Setting up for optimized workflow

Learn to configure Lightroom to work with your specific camera system. Are you frustrated with trying to get your images in Lightroom to look like what you saw on the back of your camera? Without proper settings in Lightroom, you'll be spending more time and energy trying to correct for something that should be transparent. 

Performance & Computer Settings

Lightroom Learning Lab.png

In Setting Up Lightroom, we look at how to get Lightroom configured to work flawlessly on your computer and with your specific camera system. We explore Lightroom's Preference settings to ensure the best performance on your computer. This includes Camera Raw and Graphic Processor settings. We'll discuss other performance-enhancing tips too.

Camera Calibration

Most people have trouble getting images that import into Lightroom to match the photo they saw on the back of their camera. In fact, by default, Lightroom will not match the camera. We'll talk about why this is the case and also the steps you can take to configure Lightroom to match your camera - and not just the brand, but you can calibrate one specific camera. 

File Naming & Organization

Did you know that Lightroom does NOT import any files? Oh, it has a button labeled "Import...", but you never really import your image files into Lightroom. So, if that's the case - which I assure you it is - then what happens when you go through the Import process?  Setting Up Lightroom will answer that question and much more. In fact, we'll show you how to turbo-charge your "import" routine to make your life so much easier. 

We talk about a logical file naming routine that will replace the nonsense that comes out of the camera with file names that are meaningful and helpful. And, in the same step, we'll make sure your images are backed up and protected from mechanical failure, fire, and theft.