Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add any extra hotel nights before or after the tour?

Certainly. Your hotel is covered for the duration of the tour. If you’d like to come into Rome early, or stay some extra days, you’ll have to make reservations. We MAY be able to add some extra nights for you at our tour hotels but that will all depend upon availability. If you’d like us to check, please contact us as soon as possible.

Is this a very strenuous tour?

Not an easy question to answer. This would not be classified as a strenuous tour but you should be aware that we will do a significant amount of walking. We are going to be in old towns and buildings that were not designed for mobility impaired visitors. You are also responsible for moving and handling your own luggage. Two great tips, travel light and wear comfortable shoes.

How’s the weather in Tuscany?

The average high is 74° while the evenings cool off to 52°. We chose to go to Tuscany in October for a good reason. The summers can be brutal with highs in the 90’s and most places without air conditioning. October can be considered a shoulder season. We avoid the huge crowds and soaring temperatures of summer. The Florence visitors center considers October on of the “best times to visit”.

What should I bring with me?

There’s a great piece of advice I’ve heard. “Bring twice the cash and half the clothes.” This is so true. Our travels are very casual. Don’t plan on any formal events. We do a lot of walking so comfortable shoes are a must. Dress for comfort and not to impress. We’ve also got a handy checklist on our site. Check it out.

Do I need to convert cash for our trip?

If you want to start an argument, just go onto any travel group and ask this question. You’ll get dire warnings of a coming apocalypse because of the expense of exchanging cash. We do suggest getting some cash for incidentals. From experience, I’ll tell you there are a lot of great gelato places and you really need to try them all. Usually about $100 - $200 is adequate for carry around money.

Will ATMs in Italy accept my bank card?

Europe is quite sophisticated when it comes to finance, arguably well ahead of the US , especially with the use of credit/debit cards. For most transactions on your trip, you will use a credit card. The item will be charged to you in Euros and your credit card bank will do the exchange. For most, that exchange rate is better than what you’ll find in any money exchange kiosk.

To get cash from an ATMs you will most likely find that the bank card you use at your bank can also be used in Italy. Be sure you know how your bank handles cash transactions. A Debit card or ATM Card may be best. Just make sure you remember your PIN number.

How much money can I get from ATMs in Italy?

It’s hard to say. A rule of thumb is $250. The issue is that your home bank may have a limit and/or the foreign bank may impose a limit. Limits imposed by your home bank are in dollars so if you attempt to withdraw €225, you may be over your $250 limit.

Should I notify my bank that I’m traveling?

YES! Avoid any unpleasant surprises by contacting your bank before you travel. Let them know where you will be traveling and on what days and they will make a note of it in your account. A huge red flag for fraud is an international transaction. If you don’t notify them your account may be frozen.

How do I contact my bank when I’m in Italy?

This really depends upon your bank. It’s best to keep a record of your credit card info and bank customer service numbers separate from your credit cards. Be sure that you have the non-toll free number. Don’t depend upon a toll-free 800 number when you need to call internationally.