What's This Zelle Thing?

These two old guys are embracing the 21st century and will be trying out Zelle to receive payments for this workshop. Thank you for trying it out with us - I really think it's a win-win for everyone. 


For each person who registers for the Tuscany Photo Tour, credit card processing fees eat up almost $100. That's a few nice dinners and several glasses of wine and we'd rather share that dinner and wine with you and not the bank. 

What is Zelle?

Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way to send money in minutes. And, the good thing is that you may actually have Zelle and not even know it. Frost, our bank, uses Zelle for sending money and lots of other banks including big names like Ally, Bank of America, BBVA Compass, Capital One, Citi, Chase, - and we're not even past the C's yet. The bottom line is lots of banks already use Zelle to send and receive money. 

Does Your Bank Use Zelle?

You can check if your bank uses Zelle. Check out the Getting Started section of the ZellPay website. If your bank is one of the many that do support Zelle, you can send and receive money directly from your bank's mobile app or online banking system. 

What if My Bank Doesn't support Zelle?

No problem. If your bank doesn't use Zelle, you can still transfer money using the Zelle app on your cell phone. When you install the Zelle app, you'll link to one of your bank accounts and you can send and receive money in minutes.

How Does Zelle Work?

Zelle is fast, easy, and safe. If your bank uses Zelle, it's integrated into your mobile and online banking systems. If your bank doesn't use Zelle, you can download the Zelle app to your mobile phone. Zelle uses your banks routing number and account number and will transfer money directly between your bank and ours. You never share the routing and account numbers with anyone. 

Check out the Zelle site for more information...